We created  a Heroes Haven.

Heroes Haven is a program designed by Veterans in cooperation with other professionals to provide an introduction to trauma as it pertains to the warfighter. It is also an initiative to connect Veterans and first responders to their community. We believe that knowing ourselves, our own trauma, is critical to wellness. We also recognized that this is a gateway into a world of service which we are uniquely suited to give. 

The Heroes Haven is a program more than a place. We utilize several proven tools to help unlock the potential for wellness and service in each of our attendees. It is service oriented. It is wellness focused and it is run by us. We the Veterans and service persons who have lived the experience. 

The program continues beyond the week long event. Each of us is offered the opportunity to answer the call to serve. We are given connection and we build those connections to each other and the greater community. We stay true to the old ethos to never leave a fallen comrade, to never quit and to live our values. 

Focus on Healing